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W.O.D. Monday 11-26-2012

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Monday 11-26-2012

Everyday we here of someone we know passing whether related to you or a friend or even just someone famous in TV or sports. As I make daily posts I can’t help but think how fragile we are and how quickly this life is passing away. I am glad this is not it. However, make everyday count. Every encounter. Every workout. Work hard at life everyday.

Buy in 100 medball cleans

WOD – 10 to 1

Chest to bar pullups with medball between feet (20/14)
50 yard sprint

Your rest is the walk back from the sprint. Do not run back. Work hard on the pullups and go all out on the sprints. Earn the walk back.

Cash out shoulder mobility.

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  1. Santa Maria's + 1 Phillips says:

    Teresa 14/20 lb for med ball cleans
    Callie 14 lb med ball clean
    Sterling 14 lb med ball clean
    Mike 20 lb med ball clean

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