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W.O.D. Friday 11-2-2012

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Friday 11-2-2012

You might have noticed the lack of strength WODs and accessory movements. This is to allow for some recovery between the nervous system and your muscle fibers. You are obviously still working hard but hopefully not as mentally and physically beat down. Plus, we have spent more time with my love of mobility. How about the log rolls? As for tomorrow,

WOD- 5 rounds for total time:

7 handstand pushups
5 deadlifts 225/135
200 yds backwards run
14 ring pushups
10 American swings (overhead) 2 pood

Rest 1 min between rounds

The weight should be one that you can move with speed. If it is doable but slow please decrease load. Yes you have to go backwards. Bring it!

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  1. SandBagger says:


  2. Sean says:

    That sounds really good!. We have to go to Asheville, so we’ll miss it and in Waynesville at 9:30 Saturday. I’ll be in San Diego all next week, so next Saturday will be the earliest I can get back in. I miss my Crossfit!!

  3. Diane says:


  4. Skye High Littledave says:


  5. Santa Maria's n 1 Phillips' says:

    Teresa 24:00 with 145lb dead lift
    Mike 17:44 with 185 dead lift
    Sterling 22:32 with 110 dead lift
    Callie 23:55 with 95 dead lift

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