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Wednesday 5pm only 4th anniversary WOD In…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Wednesday 5pm only 4th anniversary WOD In…

Wednesday 5pm only
4th anniversary WOD
In marriage and in life there are many challenges that you face and in these challenges you may have to carry someone for some time, other times they may need pulled along even dragged, but you have to keep pushing, pushing through the ups and downs. Life will throw obstacles at you. Jump over these obstacles. Run past them. Run the race with the faith and knowledge that there is peace and rest at the end. And with marriage the great thing is that you get to do this with your best friend and life long team mate. So go team:
4 rounds of
1 lap buddy carry
100 yd tire pull/drag
25 pushups
25 box jumps
50 yard shuttle

As a team complete one lap where one of the team members is being carried. Then one team member is to pull the tire sled down 50 yards and the other member then pulls it back. Complete the rest as a team but each team members performs every rep. Look forward to WODding with you.

Don’t forget Christ Fellowship Church communion and fellowship 6:30pm after the WOD.