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W.O.D. Friday 10-12-2012

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Friday 10-12-2012

PR’s flying around yesterday. Nice job everybody.

Friday WOD –

In 6 min complete:

400meter run
3000lbs. Squat

Rest 2 min

400 meter run
3000lbs. Push Press

Rest 2 min

400 meter run
3000lbs. Snatch

Come in and actively warm up. No time to waste for preparation. You have 6 minutes to complete 2 laps around the building (back door to front door) and then depending on weight perform rep scheme to get you to 3000lbs in time remaining. If you have time left perform as many situps as possible.

Rest 2 minutes and then do it again for the following exercise.

Intensity is up to you. Light weight for many reps. Heavy weight for less reps. Just get it done. Secret: The squat is the easiest.

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  1. slink says:

    135 squats x 32 + 52 sit ups, push press @ 85 x 30 <35, snatch @ 70 x 19<43.

  2. Mike Santa Maria says:

    200 lbs squat x 15/ 100 lbs push press x 30
    100 lbs snatch x 18

  3. Teresa says:

    105 squat x 40 reps.
    75/65 push press x 30 reps
    65 snatch x25 reps

    Messed up on squat reps….did way to many!

    25 sit up total. šŸ™

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