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CrossFit 2232 is almost ready to place an…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

CrossFit 2232 is almost ready to place an…

CrossFit 2232 is almost ready to place an order for t-shirts. We’ve settled on a new design for this run and we would like to know what color, size and quantity you are interested in. Your choices of color will be Black, Grey, Silver, and Kelly Green.

There are two types of shirts we are considering. The first type is a standard 50/50 sport blend and will cost a little less than the second type, a 25/25/50 blend. The Tri-Blend is the same material as the current black CrossFit 2232 shirt that many of us currently wear.

Take a moment and let us know what type of T-shirt you are interested in. This is not necessarily a commitment to purchase, but please let us know what you would realistically order.

You can either leave a comment here, or go to our website and fill out the super duper form we’ve created for this purpose.


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