W.O.D. Friday

How about the PRs yesterday? Some WODs are made to make you fail but persevere and learn and others are made for you to excel. All of you did beautifully.


Start with 3 rounds of 10 medball cleans and half gasser.

Then, on the minute for 8 min perform 3 back squats 70% 1RM and max rep ring row (with towel)

SWOD – weighted step up 3,3,3,3,3

Skill- 40 skin the cat

8 thoughts on “W.O.D. Friday

  1. 225 squat
    113 ring rows

  2. 135 squat
    69 ring rows
    281 burpees (eat that, Chase!!!)

    1. Dude what’s this talk of 281 burpees?

  3. 115 squat. 107 rows. youe lucky i went first chase.

  4. 135 Squat. 106 ring rows. 55# ea. weighted step ups.

  5. 155 squat. 80 ring rows. 55lbs step ups.

  6. 115 lb squat, 45 ring rows, and 20 lb step up.

  7. 185 squat
    88 rows

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