W.O.D. Wednesday 8-8-2012

Speed and Strength:

10 Banded Sprints (10yd) rest 30 sec between each…enough time for partner switch and sprint.

WOD straight out of CF Football – 5 rounds for time –
1 Bench Press 90% 1RMax
1 Barbell Bent Row 110% 1RMax of bench press
1 Bench Press 90% 1RM
3 Barbell Bent Row 110%1RM
1 Bench Press 90% 1RM
5 Barbell Bent Row 110%1RM

So perform this cycle 5 times. Percentages for both exercises are based off of 1 rep max of bench press. There are enough bars for 4 stations. May need to go in heats so be hot and ready!

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