Ready for another week with our CF 2232 super awesome WOD killing beasts. Let’s hit it hard starting with our
SWOD – Power Cleans 6 x 3 with Box Jumps 2,1,2,1,2,1

WOD – Mayhem in the Mountains Individual WOD 1

30 – 20 – 10 Reps For Time of
Wall Balls (20/14) @ 10 ft target

6 replies on “W.O.D. 8-6-2012 Monday”

  1. Wall balls are for sure one of my most hated goats but I am determined to fix this.

  2. 17:54 @ 9am with full workout&65lb powerclean and because I love my husband so much that I did a second workout at 530pm @ 8:32 half workout & 85lb powerclean. I can now jump 4 red weights from 2. Yay

  3. Cleans @ 105. And 13:50 I thought my throat gonna catch fire. And I almost had the urge to blow chunks. A week is to long a break

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