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Friday – WOD – All strength – 1 rep …

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Friday – WOD – All strength – 1 rep …

Friday – WOD – All strength –

1 rep Deadlift
1 rep Shoulder Press
1 rep Squat

The amount of total weight lifted will be dependent on where you are in your strength training. We will have 3 volume groups: 10,000lbs., 7,000lbs., 3,000lbs.

Each exercise will be performed at 85% of your max. I’ll set the example. Currently projected maxes for myself:

Squat 285# at 85% – 245lbs.
Shoulder Press 150# at 85% – 130lbs.
Deadlift 425# at 85% – 365lbs.

Total these lifts and you are at 740lbs. The idea is to get to 10,000lbs. in the least amount of rounds and time as possible. So for me it would be 14 rounds as fast as possible.

Do some math and come in ready to work.

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