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SWOD – Decline Bench Press – 8 mins. With…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

SWOD – Decline Bench Press – 8 mins. With…

SWOD – Decline Bench Press – 8 mins.
With a partner climb the ladder starting at 1 and continue as high as possible in 8 minutes. Partner 1 performs 1 rep. Partner 2 performs 2 reps. Partner 1 completes 3 reps and so on. Coaches you may be filling in for those without a partner.

Then our skill and metcon work. Continuing with the gymnastics theme perform 5 rounds of:
10 hollow rocks
10 superman rocks
10 medball pikes

Medball pikes will be performed starting on your back and a medball between your ankles and arms outstretched. Then bring the arms and legs up to meet in a piked position. Pass the ball to the hands and return to flat outstretched position. Each pass counts as one.

Don’t forget paleo challenge comes to a close Thursday. We will record weight, points if you have it in journal, and perform Helen to benchmark improvement.

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