W.O.D. Friday 5-25-2012

Friday will be a CrossFit benchmark WOD, “Annie.” Annie is a quick skill WOD incorporating double unders and situps.

Double Unders and Situps are performed at a 50,40,30,20,10 rep scheme.

However, it would be unlike me to not have an incentive to perform.  Any time that you have to stop on the situps to rest.  Any break at all it is a 1 lap penalty.

3 thoughts on “W.O.D. Friday 5-25-2012

  1. No time for me. Miss counted on jump rope. Finished at 10 add 2 =12MIN

  2. 10:58 (All double-unders, unbroken situps). I’m THIS close to getting the hang of them double-unders.

  3. 6:45 felt relaxed on DUs. Getting a feel for the new ropes. Very impressed with everyone’s situps..

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