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Saturday WOD – Finishing out the week with…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Saturday WOD – Finishing out the week with…

Saturday WOD – Finishing out the week with an On the Minute wod featuring Power Cleans.

2 Power Cleans on the minute for 20 minutes. Start with a weight roughly 50% of max and then every 5 minutes work this weight up so that you finish with a weight close to your max. The first 10 minutes of power cleans should look the same as the last 10.

If you tend to get wider at the feet as the weight gets heavier, drop the load. Chalk up the stance to see if you are landing in the correct position. We want heavy but we want form and efficiency as well. Ugly Power cleans are ugly power cleans. Squat cleans are allowed. However, if you use them for this WOD use them throughout.

Cash out – 50 GHD situps, 30 Reverse Hypers, 50 deload pushups (not for time – just get it done)