W.O.D. Wednesday 4-25-2012

Nice job on the team WOD yesterday. Really impressive numbers.  I was most impressed with the speed you were able to keep throughout.  Almost everyone sprinted over a mile as a team with change of direction and heavy deadlifts.

Wednesday WOD – Max Effort on Shoulder Press for 5 sets of 3. Work at 75 to 80% of max.

WOD – 12-9-6-3 of KB Thruster/ KB Swing 55-35lbs. Right Arm through both exercises and then left arm through both before moving to lower number.

Nice job getting those pullups in big man.

4 thoughts on “W.O.D. Wednesday 4-25-2012

  1. 8:07 @ 35 lbs.

  2. Skye Littledave April 25, 2012 — 8:11 pm

    6:35 @ 20/35 20 on the thrusters. 35 on the swings.

  3. 5:05 with 20lb

  4. 5:41 55Ibs

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