Tuesday WOD – Keeping with the theme, we will be performing another team WOD.  This WOD will take some strategy.  12 Minute AMRAP – 80 yard Sprint / 1 Deadlift

Here’s the rules: Only one partner working at a time.  The first partner must complete the 80 yard sprint and then immediately set up and complete the deadlift.  After the deadlift, the next partner may start their round.  This will continue until the 12 minutes is up.   Additionally,  the partner not working may set the weights for the partner running.

Scoring is as follows:  Each round per partner counts as 200 points.  As well, each weight lifted counts as the weight itself.  However, each missed lift will count against the teams total score.  So, how heavy do you go? Go for rounds or go for weight or find a happy medium?  Here’s a tip; keep moving, efficiently, and you are looking at 30 seconds a round.


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  1. 18 rounds by myself at 135lb
    baked pork chops with bacon, apples, and walnuts with cauliflower mashed potatoes and greens

    getting ready for the paleo challenge!!!!

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