W.O.D. Tuesday 3-6-2012

Sunny days are predicted for Bryson City tomorrow and 57 degrees.  Bring your jacket, it might get a little windy.

Banded sprints, 20 yards for 10 rounds…You will start at the first marker and slowly gain speed feeling the tension from your partner as you approach the second marker.  From there drive the hips forward, pick the knees up high, and push to the last marker.  This will only be a true 10 yard sprint so it works as speed strength.  Give it what you got.  Only enough rest for the switch.


Partner Tabata WOD: Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65 and Tuck Jumps

Perform exercises tabata style.  Both partners are working at the same time but on separate exercises.  Make the switch at each 10 second rest until all 8 rounds have been performed for both exercises.  This will take 8min.  Post Scores on board.

Go Get em!

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