Skill work for tomorrow will be handstand holds.  Becoming comfortable in the upside down and locked out position will not only help with handstand pushups and handstands but locked out positions like the finish on jerks and snatches.  We will be performing 5 sets of handstands for max time with a 2 min rest.  Try different scaling options like using the wall, bar on rack, or benches.  Handstand pushups will become part of programming.

WOD. Team WOD.

30 Medball cleans, partner holds ball overhead

30 Kettlebell Swing, partner holds bell with both hands

30 Air Squats, partner holds bottom position

30 Abmat Situps, partner holds v-sit

30 Wallballs, partner holds bottom of front squat

30 Burpees, partner holds in pushup position

Partner A will complete the Medball cleans while Partner B holds the medball overhead.  When Partner A completes the 30 Medball cleans then it is Partner B’s turn to do the same.  This continues until the last burpee is finished.  First team to complete WOD wins the opportunity to cheer on the others still working.

14 replies on “W.O.D. Tuesday 3-20-2012”

  1. Had to do it alone, so I did the reps and then did the rest/hold for length of time it took to perform the movement…. Also, dropped wall balls …… 11:09 that way…. Push up holds we’re the worst

  2. Whoa! The handstand holds made my eyelids splotchy. Too much blood to the head :D. Had the opportunity to team up with the awesome MRS. ANDERS! We got a time of 20:??. Not too shabby for a little old lady and a new moma!

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