W.O.D. Friday 3-9-2012

Dynamic Effort Day – Box Squats 12 x 3.  Use 75% of weight from Mondays Squats.  We are lifting for speed.  Set the feet out wide, sit back on the box, then power up and forward.

4 rounds for time:

25 Medball clean/wallball

1 lap

The medball clean/wallball will be exactly what it sounds like.  Perform and medball clean and then go straight into a wallball.  Allow the ball to drop and then move into the next.  Use remaining time to cool down, roll out, and actively stretch.

Congrats Will on the PR!



4 thoughts on “W.O.D. Friday 3-9-2012

  1. Thanks Coach!

  2. 3 rds ….. 11:10

  3. 14:11 with 14 lb. ball.

  4. 11:15 prescribed

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