Friday – So happy it’s Friday. Today we will start out with my favorite 3 min AMRAP warmup of 5 handstands, 10 Mountain Climbers (4ct), and 10 Grasshoppers….Then grab a partner and power clean till your face falls off.

15min AMRepsAP. Set a weight evenly distributed among the partners. Partner A performs 1 rep and sets the bar down. Partner B grabs the same bar and completes 1 rep and sets the bar down. This will be repeated for the entire 15min. Post weight and reps completed as team.

Next same partners will perform a barbell complex that involve….

BARBELL CURLS!!! Partner A will complete 1 rep, Partner B completes 2 reps, Partner A completes 3 reps, Partner b completes 4 reps. This process continues until Partner A reaches 15 reps. Then the two of you will switch the even/odd numbers and work back down. Recommended weight 65/30.

Saturday WOD – post to comments or facebook who will be coming to the Saturday workout. Have an idea and need to know who will be involved.

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  1. Warm up- 3 rds 2 handstands against wall

    Power Cleans- 10 reps @ 125
    18 reps @ 135
    3 reps @ 145

    Curls- 45 lbs (unloaded bar) all reps no partner

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