Great workout yesterday even if 2 people had to use their Aflac.  Today is a two parter.

On the minute for 10minutes:

*5 plyometric pushups

Single or double under for remainder of minute

On the minute for 12 minutes:

1 power clean

work toward a PR on Power Cleans

*for our variation of the plyometric pushup, we will be performing these starting on one bumper plate for each hand.  You will explode out of the bottom position with hands on the plates.  From there you will land with hands in between the plates and explode back up to hands on the plates.  Full extension needs to happen out of each press.  Off the plates and then off the floor back to the plates count as one. Yes that”s 10 pushups each time and not 5 but who’s counting?

One reply on “W.O.D. Tuesday 2-28-2012”

  1. I love that pic!!!!!

    121 double unders
    145 power clean

    I’m happy, I’m happy, happy happy happy, happy happy happy, I’m happy 🙂

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