6 thoughts on “W.O.D. Tuesday 2 -14-2012

  1. Jama 18:39
    185lbs close grip bench 4 x 8reps
    185lbs 1 x 6, 165lbs 1 x 6, 2 x 4reps
    Lauren 19:39 6lb ball
    Doug 20:49 14lbs ball
    Sam 20m 8 rounds
    Evan 15m 5 rounds
    Like the Transformers that was more than meets the eye.

  2. I hate I missed this one!

  3. I tapped out. It’s more than I would have done sitting at home. My goal is to come consistently and stay positive. I want to get stronger and gain more stamina. My mommy loves me.

    1. Aside from the workout, why does Evan get the little avatar head with cool sunglasses?

      1. I tried to change it to a sniveling face in the corner sucking its thumb but failed to find one…

  4. While mine on the other hand looks as if i’m trying not to pee my pants. . .

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