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W.O.D. Thursday 2-23-12

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Thursday 2-23-12


CrossFit Games Open 2.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

CrossFit Games Open 12.1 workout instructions and demo – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Kristan Clever 128 reps, Rebecca Voigt 107 reps, Katie Hogan 91 reps.
Post reps completed to comments and/or register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.


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  1. Terry says:

    51 burpees for a NOOB. Very proud of Jabo and Mary for inspiring me today. You guys were awesome! Forgot the name of the other CF Warrior, but she kicked butt too!

    • Mary Frye says:

      We are a killer group, are we not? 😉

      You did great, thx for sticking around and pushing us thru

    • Trina says:

      Yay, Terry! Way to go man. Impressive for being so new to this stuff. Can’t wait to see what you can do with this program.

  2. Jama says:

    51 burpees for a NOOB is great!
    Scores I can remember:
    Coach had 35, Jabo busted out 50 at 300lbs, Evan killed it at 61, Lauren looking strong at 65, Will pushing through 69, Mary with 76, and Rich Sneed showing us up with 78.
    Good job! Look forward to trying it again Saturday morning.

  3. Trina says:


  4. Mary Frye says:

    76 Bleh! Lol!

    • Trina says:

      You are my Crossfit hero! You help me set goals for my improvement. Congrats on your accomplishment for today.

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