W.O.D. Thursday 2-2-2012

Sorry, but I had to put a picture of my baby up! We have ordered a camera to take some killer pics of you guys. Cant wait to post some black and white action photos. Thursday is going to rock! Only a couple of weeks until the Open for the CrossFit Games start.

Strength WOD – 3 x 5 of Good Mornings.

WOD – 2RFT of

30 Wallballs (20/14)

30 SDHP (75/50)

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 Push Press (75/50)

Every Minute on the minute 3 burpees!!!

2 thoughts on “W.O.D. Thursday 2-2-2012

  1. Man that was a fun workout especially if your idea of fun is pain and torture.
    Richard 23:40
    Will 23:53
    Tina 23:57
    Mary 15:20 I think
    Amy finished the first round. Good Job babe!
    Jeff modified for 10:21…not an easy first WOD
    Jama 14:36

  2. You may notice that all of the “normal” people finished in the 20 plus minute range. The freaks of nature finished well below that. Good job freaks!

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