A wise man (Eric Laney) once told me to not attempt the CrossFit Games wod with rope climbs and clean and jerks so I won’t but I will do something similar and possibly worse.  Looking at the OPEN UP A CAN FOR CHRIST on our wall makes me think I need to step it up.  We all do.  All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.  Also told by another wise man.  Saturday WOD – 5,4,3,2,1 of rope climbs and 185lbs power clean.  At the end of each round will be 20 GHDs.  Those who make it for Saturday bring a pair of pants or long socks for the rope climbs.

2 replies on “W.O.D. Saturday 2-18-2012”

  1. 27 minutes….. Rope climbs are definetly a monster weakness for me. But with weakness comes opportunity for improvement 🙂

  2. Rich Sneed a little over 19mins. Making rope climbs look easy.
    Terry 7 min AMRAP of High Pulls, Ring Rows, and Abmat situps
    Jama 15 something on Rope Climb WOD. GHDs are killer.

    By the way I love the banter between the Octogon and Triangle. Why so Blue guys?

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