Hitting the last week of February. Warm days are coming soon! For today’s workout we are revisiting the WOD from 12-6-2011.  Here it is:


Box Jumps 30in, 24in, 20in

Deadlifts 225, 275, 315

Weighted Situps 35, 55, 70

Check your modifications and see how you can improve!

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5 replies on “W.O.D. Monday 2-27-2012”

    1. 21-15-9
      Box Jumps: 36 (9)+ 24 (11) in, 24 in, 24 in
      Deadlifts: Light, Medium, Sort of Heavy
      Weighted Situps: 25, 35, 35

  1. Everyone looked good today. However, it was another day that reminded me how much I hate programming box jumps.

    8:24 with Jeff helping load and unload weights.
    Jeff went prescribed as well and got it in 12:05. Impressive work my friend.

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