W.O.D. Wednesday 1-25-2012

Wednesday: If you missed either Monday or Tuesday, then your strength work will be of that day you missed. (monday Zercher squats 5 x 3 – tuesday Barbell Rows 5 x 5) If you have been to both, work on Reverse Hyper machine 5 sets increasing weight and only perform as many reps as is comfortable.

WOD: 15min AMRAP – 25 double unders (75singles), 10 SumoDeadlift HighPulls (95/65), 25 Weighted Situps (55/35)

For the AMRAP, work on keeping a nice even pace. For today, keep exertion levels at about 75% and try to perform most of workout unbroken. Minimal rest in between and during sets.

4 thoughts on “W.O.D. Wednesday 1-25-2012

  1. Great workout today! Enjoyed the competition!
    Z-squats 5×3 185
    WOD 5 rounds, 15 situps

  2. Hyper …. Did 110# last set

    6 rounds! Will, you are the man!

  3. Dang CrossFitters can’t be told anything. Said go easy today like 75% exertion.

  4. we do what we are told bro.
    ‘Pain is just weakness leaving the body’

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