From the moment you discover CrossFit and hear the 3,2,1…GO! It’s a fight. It’s a competition either with the clock, yourself, or the cat cranking out pullups next to you.  There is a drive, not necessarily created, but pulled out of you.  Every Tuesday we are going to feed off of this drive and see what you have in the tank.  The CrossFit games Open will be starting up at the end of February and leading up to this we will be performing one WOD from either the open or regionals competition from last year, every Tuesday.  First on the list is Open week 1’s WOD:

10min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches (Ground to overhead) 75lbs

I know that some of you do not have double unders in the bag but you will have to complete 90 singles.  In case you are wondering how you might stack up, I will provide some stats.  To make it to regionals one must come in at least 60th place out of the region.  For our region (mid atlantic) 60th place performed 336 repetitions or 7 rounds and 21 double unders.  A little shout out to my CrossFit Murphy friend Eric Laney, he was 54th in the region on this workout with 340 reps.

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  1. This was a killer. I got 4 full rounds plus 38 rope jumps. I’m spent now! My wife Trina got 4 full rounds and 90 jumps and 4 snatches of the 5th round. She is a machine!

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