W.O.D. Thursday 1-5-12

Deck of Cards, Deadman’s Hand Style! In a typical deck of cards workout there are 4 exercises represented in the 4 different suits.  The number or face on the card represents the number of repetitions needed to be performed.  A number card represents the exact number to do.  However, a face card represents a flat ten repetitions and aces are 11.  But what’s up with the Deadman’s Hand stuff? Well this is a term in poker when you have Aces and Eights.  This is how we are going to play.  Any time an Ace or 8 joins the game we will switch methods.  One version will be all body weight and the reverse all weighted.  Here are your exercises:

Hearts – Air Squats / Wallballs

Diamonds – Pullups / Sumo deadlift highpulls

Clubs- Situps / Toes to Bar

Spades – Burpees / Power Cleans

Come in Ready to work! Stretch out and get your mind right early.  This may take up to 30+ minutes.

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