W.O.D. Thursday 1-25-2012

Let’s see what you have today.  Today we will open up the hips and wrists for power cleans.

On the minute, 12 MINs; 1 Power Clean every minute on the minute

WOD: Kettlebell Complex 10,9,8,7….1; (55/35)

Right Arm Swing, Thruster, Overhead Squat then Left Arm Swing, Thruster, Overhead Squat

3 thoughts on “W.O.D. Thursday 1-25-2012

  1. 95x7sets 105x5sets = power cleans

    5:01 rx…..

    Couldn’t get 15 chin ups though #smh

  2. Power cleans 155×4 sets 170×8 sets
    WOD 7:20
    15 3/4 chinups
    You’ll get it next Mary. Keep that Chin up!

  3. Power Cleans 205 x 5 sets and 215 x 7 sets

    WOD 5:50

    By the way Will you guys did 13 sets but who’s countin’

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