W.O.D. Monday 1-2-12

How different it is to post a January 2012 workout instead of December 2011.  We will be starting off the year fresh and probably a couple of pounds heavier.  As well, I assume we will have some new recruits entering our midst and this will be great.  For those of you here from the start, we will be ramping up our training.  Focused Intensity and Deliberate Intent! First WOD of the year:


20 Min AMRAP

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats

Strength – Barbell Row 3 sets of 8 Repetitions / Kettlebell bent arm pullovers 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Let’s start it off right. Get your mind right and start looking up Paleo recipes for the upcoming challenge.

3 thoughts on “W.O.D. Monday 1-2-12

  1. Full 16 rounds on the button…. I’m catching up

  2. Not bad Will. Dan 10 rounds plus 5 ring rows. Justin 12 rounds plus squats. Jama 19 rounds plus 10 pushups. Pushups destroyed me. My beloved performed 8 rounds in 10min.

  3. I liked this workout until the next day. Then I was sore!

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