Today is a two part W.O.D. First you will get an introduction to “Cindy.” However instead of 20minutes we will change the dynamic by doing two 5min Rounds separated by a 2minute rest period. Keep track of rounds completed in each 5minute round. Then we will rest for 5minutes and perform 7 sets of 3 reps of box squats.  Perform at 75% of max concentrating on speed off of the box.

Homework. Click on our heroes and girls page to find out what the “girls” are.  They are benchmark workouts prescribed by CrossFit HQ and designed to give us workouts to return to in order to track progress.

Also check out the Hero WOD link as well and scroll down until you see “DT.” We will have the honor of performing this workout Friday. Come with your big girl pants on!

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  1. Another fun day. Sure is hard to push Richard Jenkins when he makes me laugh all the time.

    First 5min: 8 rounds
    Second 5min: 5 plus 5 pullups

    Sumo Box Squat: 225/275/295/315/295/295/295

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