Nice work yesterday with the longer WOD.  Our drive is to create capacity at every level of workout whether it is longer or shorter.  Let’s roll out as a group today focusing on the legs and back.  Make a special note to hammer out the Achilles.   After some mobility and stretching;

Max height box jump – Find PR in 15min.

3 rounds for time:

25 wallballs 20/14

25 medball situps 20/14

For the medball situp, feet can be anchored, but the medball must touch the floor behind the head.  Once the shoulders come off the   floor for the situp the ball is thrown against the wall, caught and brought back to the floor for one repetition.

One reply on “W.O.D Wednesday 12-21-11”

  1. PR!!! 40 1/3″ on box jump!!!!! (by 3″)

    Thank you Jama and Brandy for the coaching and encouragement!!!


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