W.O.D. Wednesday 12-14-11

Benchmark day.  Crossfit Total.  The CrossFit Total is three lifts for max weight.  There is no time limit on the lifts but they do have to be completed the same session.  First is the squat, then shoulder press, and last the deadlift.  We will squat below the hip crease, press without leaning back, and deadlift to full hip extension.  Put on your game face.

3 thoughts on “W.O.D. Wednesday 12-14-11

  1. 555…. I’ve seen better lifts #smh

  2. 265 Squat
    145 press
    355 deadlift

    much room for improvment

  3. 955…with a 275 lbs back squat, 145lbs press, and 435 deadlift

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