Well it’s official we are considered a cult.  We must be doing something right. Just wait till we have t-shirts. However, we are not a cult you will find lying under some pyramid in a circle.  Maybe running up the pyramid 5 rounds for time.  Here is Thursdays workout:

We will start with stretching and rolling out the hamstrings and lower back.  After peeling yourselves off the floor, we will work in a 3min AMRAP of 4 handstands, 6 mountain climbers, and 6 grasshoppers. Then:

Death by Bench Press 185/115


Ring dips

Kettlebell swings 55/35

Tabata Medicine ball chest pass (you will be laying on the floor throwing the ball up to a partner who will catch and the release the ball back to you.

Can’t wait. I can but I’m excited.

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