All week we will be working on Snatch progressions.  However, to have fun with it we will be performing pieces of the full snatch with weight. Check out the pic at the bottom and notice how long his arms stay straight.

Strength work: Snatch grip Deadlift 8 sets of 3 repetitions

Concentrate on keeping the hips lower at the start. As the weight comes up remember “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

WOD – 3 rounds for time

20 Goblet squats 55lbs

30 K2E

20 Push Press 45 lbs

One reply on “W.O.D. Monday 12-19-11”

  1. 2 sets – 135
    2 sets – 155
    4 sets – 175

    3 rds. @ 7:16

    Fun day today! 🙂 thumbs are smashed and rolling out my back was HORRIBLE lol

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