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W.O.D. Friday 12-2-11

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Friday 12-2-11

Good Luck Murphy Bulldogs!

Today will be skill oriented with gymnastics movements and some shoulder work.  We will drag out the mats for this one.

5 RFT:

5 ring extensions (1 left arm + 1 right arm = 1 rep)

5 forward rolls

5 backward rolls

10 Sotts press 45/15lbs bar

Let’s get to work.

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  1. Jama says:

    Another good job today. Thank you for your patience performing something different. Way to power through the dizziness Brandi, Jeremiah, and Will. Jeremiah 14:14, Brandi 16:01, Will 16:55.

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