W.O.D. Tuesday 11-29-11

Tuesday we will continue our workouts with a warm up, mobility drill, strength component, and metcon.  How will we approach this? First we will continue our work on the heel cords, grinding the bar a little higher toward the calf.  Then we will work on the head of the tricep to hopefully open up some of you for a better rack position.

Strength: Front Squats 10 sets by 2 reps for speed and power generation

WOD: 6 rounds with Jump rope singles as many reps in a minute.  Next minute 6 reps each arm overhead squats.

4 thoughts on “W.O.D. Tuesday 11-29-11

  1. 731

  2. 647 jumps

    1. You were awesome! Hopefully you’ll stick around cause I need some competition!

  3. Everybody did a good job. It is great to have multiple people in each session bustin it. Jumps for me today 901. Shoulders feelin stiff.

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