Iron Braves Games 2018

IRON BRAVE GAMES Presented by CrossFit 2232

January 13th, 2018

3-Person Team Event
Scaled – MMM or FFF
Rx – MMM or FFF

Register by November 15th for the Early Bird Discount of $270 per team –

$300 per team after November 15

Must be registered by December 1 to be guaranteed a tee-shirt!

Registration closes on January 1st!

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About the Event

This inaugural event in Cherokee promises to be fun and unlike any competition you have done before.  Immerse yourself in the culture and community of Cherokee, NC on the sprawling Cherokee Central Schools campus.

Your workouts will be performed in teams of 3.  Teams can be scaled or Rx with all-female and all male options.

Cash Prizes for Rx and Scaled Same Sex Teams:

Rx 1st $1,200
Rx 2nd $900
Rx 3rd $600

Sc 1st $270
Sc 2nd $180
Sc 3rd $90

Placement prize $100 each WOD for Rx only




 5 minutes to find a 1 rep max Clean
1 minute transition to the field
4 minutes to max distance Sled Push (weight to be determined)
 Total weight lifted as a team plus distance of sled push
Distance is calculated as 5 pounds per 10 yards
 Rx – must pass from the floor through the squat portion of the clean to standing tall
Scaled – may perform a muscle, power, or squat clean
 Sled push is performed only as a push and teams may choose to use two athletes at a time


 9 minutes continuously running clock
3 minutes AMRAP
Athlete 1 – Max Reps of Snatch Rx 135/95 Sc 95/65
3 minutes AMRAP
Athlete 2 – Max Reps of Clean and Jerk Rx 135/95 Sc 95/65
3 minutes AMRAP
Athlete 3 – Max Reps of Thrusters Rx 135/95 Sc 95/65
 Total repetitions performed as a team.


 Sandbag Shuttle*
 3 rounds For time: (10 minute time cap)
Athlete 1 carries a sandbag 30 yards to Athlete 2 who carries a sandbag 30 yards to Athlete 3 who carries a sandbag back to Athlete 1.
*Strongman sandbags
Rx 180/120 Sc 120/80


 10 minutes AMRAP
120 Rx Chest to bar Pullups Sc Jumping Chest to Bar
120 Rx Toes to Bar               Sc Hanging Knee Raises
120 Rx Dips                          Sc Hand Release Pushups
One athlete performs desired repetitions.  One athlete holds a plate weight overhead.  One athlete rests.  Work may only be performed if the weight is overhead.
Note: Dips will be performed on standard dip horn attachments.  Teams may adjust height before the WOD begins.  Hand release pushups for scaled of any variation are allowed as long as full extension of hips and elbows is performed at end of movement.
Event Location


Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

EBCI Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


 Want to Drop In?

Drop ins are welcome for any of our class times. All you have to do is sign a waiver and pay a $10 drop in fee.  The coach on duty will ask you questions about your previous CrossFit experience and will help to scale the WOD accordingly. Please fill out the contact form below so that we can expect you.


Have more questions for CrossFit 2232?

“Be patient while we respond to your questions.  We live in an area where internet access is pretty spotty and our work schedules might not allow us to answer straight away.  You can also send us a message through our Facebook page, but allow time to answer there too.”

Gym Membership



$10 per session or:

1 MONTH: $99.00

3 MONTHS: $285.00

6 MONTHS: $560.00

>All Packages must be paid up front and in FULL<

Couples and High School students please ask about special rates

Membership Packages

Swain County Martial Arts MEMBER PRICING: (UNLIMITED SELF DEFENSE CLASSES)  $5 Per Session or:
1 MONTH: $30.00
3 MONTHS: $80.00
6 MONTHS: $155.00


1 MONTH: $100.00
3 MONTHS: $295.00
6 MONTHS: $580.00

1 MONTH: $72.00
3 MONTHS: $210.00
6 MONTHS: $415.00

Swain County Martial Arts

Swain County Martial Arts

Judo is the sport of Jujitsu.  Founded by professor Jigro Kano.  It’s a grappling martial art that uses a person’s weight and momentum against them.  It’s the sport of the Samurai.  Swain County Martial Arts uses Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, striking, and other disciplines to teach self defense.

SCMA is a Christian based organization.  At SMCA we try to instill the values, self-discipline, and respect for oneself and others.  Through Judo we strive to provide help to keep our young students from partaking in drugs, alcohol, and violence.  For more information call: Julie Johnson – 736-4782.

Here is a little information on our instructors:

Jeremiah Johnson, has been in Martial Arts for 26 years. He currently holds a Shotokan (1st Degree) in Karate, a Yodan (4th Degree) in Kodakan Judo and specializes in Self-Defense. Jeremiah has competed nation wide in Martial Arts Competitions. After teaching through out Cherokee for 7 years Jeremiah started Swain County Martial Arts (a Christian based organization) and has been teaching his classes as a drug and alcohol prevention program for 6 years.  He also teaches character development through Self-Discipline.  In 2008 Jeremiah received the Duke Power Citizenship award for community service and also was Nationally recognized through Harrah’s Casino as the National Chairman’s Award Winner for Community Service. He was also recognized as News 13 Gift Hero.

Ben Murphy, has been under Jeremiah’s instruction for over 14 years. Ben Currently Holds a Nidan (2nd Degree) in Kodakan Judo. He has competed in the South Eastern Region of the states. Ben received Student of the Year in 2009 from Swain County Martial Arts and has been instructing along side with Jeremiah for 2 years.  Ben is a valued asset to Swain County Martial Arts for his Leadership, Dedication and Commitment to the students.

Gabrielle Beam, has been under Ben and Jeremiah’s instruction for years.  She earned her brown belt at only 16 years old.  Gabrielle is an amazing instructor that works well with children.